eCommerce Business Effects

Your new e-commerce website will have an impact on your offline business. The level of this impact is determined by the type of site you choose.

The buzzword here is "integration". If you get the integration planned correctly, the new globalisation of your business should run smoothly. As an example, how will you cope with an electronic order? if it is sent to your email address, can you easily process it? how frequently do you check your emails? Even this will take time out of your working week. What you really need to analyse is your current business system.

How good is your current system?
Is your current system able to handle any level of technology or does it clash, do staff have the ability to access their business areas quickly and simply? Are your suppliers able to work online? There are many items that can be listed here, again we have just covered the ones common to most businesses. 

Business Infrastructure:
A further effect on your business will be the shifting duties of your staff. If your website is just an information portal, then your staff will be expected to have as much product knowledge as the person reading the product information on the website. Indeed, managers should know exactly what page to send a client to for particular information. 

If the website is more of a business extension, then further staff adjustments are required. What resources are going to be required on a day to day basis? Are there going to be daily updates, weekly updates, perhaps? Can your existing staff be retrained to deal with the new online presence or does it need new staff to handle it?

Much of this is down to prediction. With prediction walks error. To counter any errors it best to start with the minimum requirements then add to the website as you go along, any good web developer will create a website with the facility to seamlessly add on additional sections as required.

Next, we look at SWOT Analysis

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