Critical customer Analysis

How do we attract the right types of customer?

Online Customer types are discussed in detail on the client analysis page.

The right type of customer is dependent on 3 main factors:

  • How effectively your competitors target each of the customer types.

  • The market demand for your product or service.

  • How well your product type sells over the net.

If we start by analysing the approach taken by our competitors towards our target market we can begin to define which of the customer types are being catered for. Armed with this knowledge we can begin to dissect the approaches taken and how effective they are. Compile a list of all the things they have got right and wrong. For example, if you are selling land, and your competitors are targeting "Topic Hunters" are they also catering for the fact that these people are seldom in the 18-30 age group and correctly catering for the 40-60 group. The point being is the text too small for the older generation making it difficult for them to read, Does it rely on browser plug-ins and contain "cool" effects that are notoriously detrimental to this age groups pleasurable experience.

The demand for your product or service may be best defined by age group than the customer type, as in the example above. However these can be combined quite easily. the age group defines the "style" of the website, and the customer types you target will define the content and structure of the site. 

Not all products are equal. It may be that your competitors are set up to sell F-15 Fighter jets online, but a brochure style site with technical information and a simple method of making an appointment with a consultant may be a far better way to reach the customer. Of course, there is always someone that will buy one online for the "experience" of it.

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