Writing Effective Copy For The Web

Knowing what you want to say is easy enough, making a sale is in the way you say it. The art of wording text correctly for the web environment is fraught with the dangers of providing boring reading and not supplying enough information, as well as leading away from your impact point and not leading the reader to the next area.

It is the job of your content provider to deliver you effective web-copywriting. If that provider is you, it may take sometime to get this exactly right.

Conduct a search on Google for a rugby shirt or other gift you might buy from someone. Have a look through the websites listed on the first page. Now make a note of each site you lost interest in. 

These sites are the ones we need to analyse. Why did you lose interest? Too much text? Was it laid out poorly? Not enough information on the product, shabby unprofessional page lay out? Boring repetitive copy?

Hint: If you were put off by the page design and not the text itself, try a little educational exercise, attempt to learn how to make Scotch Pancakes or other small task. When you have learned how to make them, make a note of the sites you skipped over.   

In an effort to make effective web-copy, the text should be clear, concise, relevant and if it leads to another page, it should entice you to click the link. 

The pages you made a note of almost certainly contained at least one of these errors. Go back to the site you read through and check the style of writing. That is exactly what you need to achieve.

It is worth noting that effective web copy should be in simple language terms in order to cater for the largest audience. it can be argued that Dickens wrote perfect copy, but how many people actually go and buy the entire works outside a school environment. How many people own more books by Stephen King than they do Charles dickens ? How many more people read tabloid newspapers on train Journeys than novels?


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