Creating An Ideal Home Page

What is the ideal Home page?
The rationale behind an ideal Home page is to create a page that can be viewed by everyone that visits your website and can create interest with the visitors in about 6 seconds.

To Achieve maximum exposure, your pages will need to cater for all the different sorts of browsers, screen colour depths and monitor resolutions and sizes. Be warned your website will not look the same on everybody's computers. The best you are able to do is make sure your pages validate with the guidelines. Even if you do this correctly, common browsers such as Netscape and Internet Explorer have errors that fail to render correctly. 

As far as your home page is concerned. It is this page that gets listed first in most directories. It is not unknown for editors to turn down a listing for a whole website on the strength of a homepage that renders badly in alternative browsers. To this end, home pages should not require any special plug-ins or scripting such as JavaScript, Java Applets or Flash5 to work correctly. remember there are serious security issues with JavaScript etc. and many surfers have it disabled in their browsers ( Internet Explorer: tools > internet options > security > custom level > then active scripting "disable" and scripting of Java Applets "disable").

The problems associated with Flash5 is more to do with playing catch up than a security issue. Many business do not have the Flash player installed at their work premises. A large number of people don't have it installed at home.

There is a tendency for web designers to paste a "browser sniffer" onto the page. this is to redirect the page to an alternative version, depending on your set-up. Of course, if you have disabled active scripting as detailed above, these tricks won't necessarily work. 

When your home page loads you need to quickly tell your visitors who you are, what you do and create the idea that you are an industry leader. If your they can't see your site properly or it is taking too long to load, then it will give the impression that your second rate website was made with no thought of quality. What will the visitor think of your offline business practice?

Next, we look at essential Finishing Touches

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