Market Research Planning Achievements

The biggest consideration here is to know exactly what you wish to achieve with your online presence.

The process of achievement planning is reasonably straightforward, as long as you are prepared to drop an idea that may at first seem great. If you fail in this, a great deal of time and money may be wasted. Do not rely on a web designer to do this for you. This is critical and you should maintain control of this or seek professional advice from industry experts.

To re-cap from earlier pages, you may require a web-site that is predominantly a showcase for your product accompanied with some technical detail, an interactive website where customers can purchase your product online up to a fully equipped website that takes the strain from your bricks and mortar business.

Please click the following link to view the free task sheet for achievement planning. You are free to print this and use as necessary.

the Master Plan

To develop the master plan, you will need to carefully analyse the following three areas.

The Market: establish the demand for your product. Is there an online demand? Is anyone else offering it online? How successful are they? Is your product price affected by local economic climates? Is the product currently a popular "must have"? is it a household necessity? 

Target Audience: Who are the people most likely to buy your product? what age group? would they buy online? do they have credit cards? How do you reach them (more on this in building your site)? 

Business effects: How will this effect you offline business? will you need to retrain staff to multi task? will a 24hr shop improve your business? Will you be able to cope with sudden order influxes? etc.

We have only outlined the basic considerations in the above points. If you can add an additional 2 or 3 items to each heading, then you are doing well.



Next, we look at the details of product analysis

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